to the Realms of Thalia; the Greek Muse of Comedy, daughter of Zeus King of the Gods and Mnemosyne ("Memory" to English speakers)

Thalia by Jonathon Bowser

Muses are Archetypal figures who stimulate various forms of creative writing. (For more see Muse 101.) We each have a specialty. My Assignment is nurturing Comedy. My Bard (aka personal secretary and abject slave of a Muse) is Anitra Freeman, and we both welcome you to the Creative Realm of Archetypes.

I have a separate establishment where Anitra first collected all her material on comedy, fantasy, and creating websites. That material is now integrated onto Anitra's Web. She has created a room here for me so that I can keep an eye on it.

We are now building a new realm, where you can meet and work with all of the Muses.

May you not go out exactly as you came in.


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Updated: December 24, 2002