Neural Misfire: A True Story of Manic-Depression by Jeff D. Kazmierczak


A web-group of mental health user/survivors, the MADNESS family, works for the rights of mental health clients and to increase our own voice in our own care. "Nothing about us without us."

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Resisting Oppression/Transforming Society

Support Coalition International
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Psych-Net, a wide network of professional psychiatric resources -- including humor, yet.

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Specifically Bipolar

Bipolar (Manic-Depressive) Web Ring [ List | Home ]
manic depression web ring [ List | Home ]

General Mental Health Issues

Beyond Madness [ List | Home ]
Psychoeducational Site [ List | Home ]
You Are Not Alone! [ List | Home ]
Extremes Web Ring [ List | Home ]
Children And Adults With Multiple Mental Health & Behavior Disorders [ List | Home ]
Women's Health Issues Webring [ List | Home ]
Biological Unhappiness [ List | Home ]
The Ring to Save Your Soul [ List | Home ]
Ring for Justice in Mental Health Organization [ List | Home ]

Specific Gatherings (Lists, IRC, etc)

Walkers in Darkness: The Ring [ List | Home ]
A Burden Shared... [ List | Home ]
The Posting Place Webring [ List | Home ]
2DX Friends [ List | Home ]
the ring [ List | Home ]

Specific Age Group

Non Compos Mentis [ List | Home ] (teenaged, female)

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