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There are reasons for using a standard set of code to link a webring, besides the sheer egotism of webring managers.

  1. For the webring to work as designed, the links must be as written.
  2. For visitors to the ring to be able to surf without confusion, each ring should be easily identifiable.

A webring is an automated way of linking related websites together so that the links are easier to navigate and to maintain.

You must have either the Javascript navbar or HTML webring code on your page, for the webring to work.

If you have already installed the Javascript code for the Webring navbar stack on the page you submitted to MoodRings, the bar for MoodRings will appear on your page as soon as you are accepted.

If you need the Javascript code for the navbar:

Lynx (text-only) and some older graphic browsers cannot use Javascript. Because of this, I used to ask webring members to install my own HTML instead of the navbar. This meant manually changing your site's information, that the Webring navbar code has automagically inserted into it for you.

GOOD NEWS: The Webring navbar now includes an HTML alternative that will display for browsers that do not do Javascript.

If you would prefer to use the older "pretty code" you can copy it from this page. You will have to:

I do not insist that you use webring graphics. If you want to use your own graphics, please check with me first -- I want to make sure visitors to the ring don't become confused about which ring they are on. I may make yours the standard graphics for the ring!

If you do choose to use my graphics, please copy them to your own server.

Anitra, Dances with Rollercoasters.  is a memebr of the Mood Rings  WebRing.
If you are bipolar or have a webpage that deals with bipolar issues, want to join us?
MoodRings Logo

Surf On:
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That's what it looks like. Here's the code:

<div align="center">
<a href="mailto:moodrings@anitra.net?subject=Bipolar"><i>Anitra, Dances with Rollercoasters</i></a>. 
is a member of the <a href="http://P.webring.com/hub?ring=pendring&home"><i>Mood Rings</i></a>  WebRing. <br>
If you are bipolar or have a webpage that deals with bipolar issues,
<a href="http://P.webring.com/wrman?ring=pendring&amp;addsite">want to join us?</a>
<br clear=ALL>
<img src="moodring.gif" height="194" width="216" alt="MoodRings Logo">
<p>Surf On:<br>
<font size="-1">
[ <a href="http://P.webring.com/go?ring=pendring&id=8&prev"> Previous</a>
| <a href="http://P.webring.com/go?ring=pendring&id=8&amp;Next"> Next</a>
| <a href="http://P.webring.com/go?ring=pendring&id=8&random"> Random Site</a>
| <a href="http://P.webring.com/hub?ring=pendring&id=8&amp;hub"> List Sites</a> ]

You may use one of these logos, if you wish.

MoodRings MoodRings MoodRings
For an optional "Next" role.

If you choose to display a webring graphic logo, please save it to your own server area.

Place your cursor over the image you want. If you are using a Mac, click and hold the mouse button and save the image to your hard disk. If you are using an IBM, click the right mouse button and save the image to your hard disk. Use your favorite FTP program to upload the file to your website. Change the code to indicate the directory you use.

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