Beam Me Up, Scotty by Michael Guinzburg synopsis: "In a bone-chilling black comedy, recently recovered drug addict Ed T. provides his own lethal interpretation of the Twelve Step Program, when he begins brutally murdering crack dealers."

Big Blondes by Jean Echenoz, Mark Polizzotti (Translator)
A "noir-derived comic thriller" (Kirkus Reviews, 05/01/97)

Elmore Leonard has some very blackly-comic crime novels. Excerpt from Out of Sight. Penguin Review of Out of Sight.

Carl Hiassen.

Colin Bateman: most recent novel, Of Wee Sweetie Mice and Men.

In films, the Coen brothers (Fargo) and Tarantino (Pulp Fiction).


The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sebastian Wolfe synopsis: The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes gathers together the best of the hilarious mishaps that have befallen the greatest detective of them all--the tales that Watson couldn't or wouldn't tell, for reason of discretion or just plain incredulity. This hugely entertaining volume--essential reading for Sherlockians and a feast of amusement for everyone else--is a collection of parodies, burlesques, pastiches and "unofficial" adventures.


Mostly, Donald Westlake

An Embarrassment of Corpses by Alan Beechey.


Joan Hess
    The Maggody novels starring Sherriff Arly Hanks
    The Claire Malloy series
    Anything else

Simon Brett
    Charles Paris books

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