Father's arms.


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Some of us are lucky enough to remember our father's arms as strong, safe and warm: cradling us as infants, holding us high and laughing as toddlers, guiding us as we rode our first bicycle.


Father's Shelter

But some of us are denied the support of our fathers when we need it most -- in poverty, in need, in times of disaster. Our economy forces fathers to leave their children alone in order to support them financially. Our social structures discredit the nurturing abilities of fathers and often force separation between fathers in need and their children in need.

Invisible Parents

Homeless single mothers with children are in great need, also. But there are some mentions of their plight, and some resources available for them. Homeless single fathers are invisible. I queried 40 cities about resources for single men with small children, and found one that could describe having some existing shelter. I found 5 net references to homeless fathers, and 385 net references to homeless mothers.

The goals of this webpage are:

Carry on.

I am collecting no funds. The artwork, webmaster support and all other resources for this page are donated free of charge.

Although I work with many homeless groups, this campaign was entirely my own idea and is affiliated with no official organization or 501(c)3 (federally recognized non-profit) at this time.

I have some ideas of what homeless fathers and children need, but they are going to have better ideas for themselves. I now turn the forum over to the experts.

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Invisible Families / Homeless Fathers with Children / Help Them Be Strong