Our Turf

Cultivating Turf in Seattle's Homeless Youth Gardens Our Turf: A Community for Homeless Youth & Families


Even people without a home have turf. Turf is what you think of as "your space." You can have your own turf, family turf, home turf or work turf -- but everyone has turf.

Building your own turf becomes even more important when you don't have a physical home. Building a sense of personal turf and community can help you find a home. 

One Turf
TURF is a place where everyone without a physical home -- especially children, youth, and families -- can find ways to build up our own sense of turf, our own inner home. We have links to practical resources: food, clothing, shelter, health care, child care, education & jobs. And we have a lot of ways to communicate with others, in and out of housing, to build a stronger human community. 

Until I claim my ground
within my soul

no one else can give me

a home

Once I make my stand firm
within my heart

no one can deny me

my place
my own

- Anitra L. Freeman 

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