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"Poetics" is the study of the structures and effects of poetry, and covers many things, including techniques and warm-up exercises that get you going; traditional elements like rhythm and rhyme, metaphor and simile, images and imagery; "projective verse" (breath-based poetry) and other elements of modern poems; forms (haiku, quintain, pantoum) and free verse; European, Korean, Persian and Native American traditions; chants, rants, inspirational verse and plain fun. We cover one element at a time: we haven't covered everything yet, but we're getting there.

Each Primer/Exercise introduces a poetic form or technique with examples, then sets an exercise for practice and guidelines for critique.

You are welcome to browse the site for useful material (we have a search engine). You may also choose to join us, get feedback on your exercises, and learn by helping others.

We also have a library of references to print and online writing resources and places to publish.

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