Hephilia Nostrum Lectures the Wives Club, November 1, 1998

There are many misunderstandings about homeless people, I hear them all the time, and I hope I can clear some of this up.

"The homeless are people too." Listen to the words, dear. There are "people", and then there are "homeless people". Two different categories. "People", like you and I, are born, grow up, etc. "Homeless people" are spontaneously generated from sidewalk pavement.

Misunderstandings like these lead to further misunderstandings; like trying to build shelters and hygiene centers for homeless people, or give them clean clothing, or take them to lunch in good restaurants.

Homeless people prefer to sleep put of doors, and to be dirty. Why, where do you see them, after all? And what condition are they always in? There you are.

If you do take a homeless person to lunch, it will only embarass the poor dear. And they will let their food get cold, then attempt to stuff it into cans, because that is how they prefer to eat, after all.

The best thing that you can do for homeless people, if you truly care, is to support laws like the no-sitting ordinance and the park ordinances, to remove the temptation for them to clutter up the sidewalks and the parks. And then, perhaps, they will finally get the message and Stop Existing, which will be much better for all concerned, I'm sure you all agree.

Thank you.
Hephilia Nostrum

If you disagree with the sentiments expressed here, please email Mark Sidran, Seattle City Attorney, or your local City Council.

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