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The quality of Insult is not strained.
It rises as persistent mud from swampland
Seeps into everything. It is twice damned;
It curses him that gives, and him that takes;
It both releases anger, and arouses; is bestowed
On rulers far more often than they're crowned.
Hell's demons show the force of Hellish power,
The attribute of terror and cruelty,
Wherein doth sit the mortal's abject dread;
But Insult is above all Terror's sway;
It is enthroned in the hearts of Kings;
It is an attribute of Hell itself;
A Demon's power doth then show likest Hell's
When Insult seasons cruelty.
Therefore, you,
As Jury in this plea, consider this,
That protected from all Insult, none of us
Would recognize Damnation, nor tested be;
And that same Insult doth teach us to render
The deeds of insult. Here I speak this much
To bring the gifts of Insult to this Life;
To test our honor, make good more determined,
Anneal the rotting sores within our souls.


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