WHEREAS no person with intelligence, creativity, curiousity, or initiative finds it at all possible to create, experience, learn, or do as much as they want to in the existing 24-hour day, 7-day week;


WHEREAS it has been revealed that in the Golden Age of tribal societies and pagan religion, there were 8 days in a week, and 30 hours in a day, and this was why it was a Golden Age, and why all science and myth and art was born then;

THEREFORE be it enacted, that society return to the natural, sensible, and much more fulfilling 30-hour day, 8-day week cycle;

FURTHERMORE that the Eighth Day be placed between Saturday and Sunday, to keep it firmly out of the reach of those constricting, regimenting, workaday bores who are responsible for the limitations of the 168-hour week to begin with;

FURTHERMORE, because encouraging creativity is the purpose of this act, that everybody be allowed to call the Eighth Day whatever they please.

Please forward all signatures to

I will collect them and email them to Congress, with cc to Dave Barry in case Congress doesn't get off its duff, and needs to be prodded.

Thalia, the Muse of Comedy