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Effective Activism on the Internet

Yes, the Internet can be a great tool, can't it? You can publish anything you write about any social cause, at any time, without having to wrestle with cranky old used copy machines. Get a free web account, have a friend show you a smattering of HTML, and everybody on the World Wide Web is going to see your story!

Or maybe you'll watch your visitor's counter increase by three visits a month and wonder why everybody else is so excited about the Internet.

And look at that email! No more wangling for a bulk mailing permit! No more all-night envelope-stuffing parties! No more pooling your spare cash to pay for the postage!

Collect email addresses of everybody you know! Of everybody you don't know! Subscribe to all the mailing lists in the world! Everybody on the World Wide Web will get every press release and newsletter you write from now on!

Well, maybe not. At least not after your service provider suspends your account for spamming.

But a lot of grassroots activists are using the Internet effectively as a tool for public education, networking, recruiting, fundraising, finding information and resources, and promoting individual causes.

This site is intended as a collection of tips for effective use of the internet to promote your own social cause. There is also a forum for your input on tips and resources, and pages of links to web help information, resources, and a variety of activist sites and lists to network with. Including all of mine. :)

Introduction to the Internet
A collection of resources including finding an Internet Service Provider, creating and promoting your own webpage, using search engines and surviving on email lists. Includes a forum for adding resource pointers and a forum for adding promotion ideas.
Accessibility: Crossing the Digital Divide
How to make your essays on social justice and building a more inclusive community available to everyone, including people with visual difficulties, old browsers and limited software.
Designing an Activist Webpage
Whether you haven't learned your first HTML command yet, or you're an old pro, you can use these ideas for getting your message across to more people.
Effective Email
Getting your message across in email. Also includes links to net hoax information. Don't be bitten by the Goodtimes virus, which forces you to send email to everyone you know warning them about the Goodtimes virus.
Power Portal / Activist, Writing & Technical Links & Webrings
Bunches of stuff.
About Me/Contact/Feedback
All about Anitra "Many Affiliations" Freeman, and ways to add your ideas to the community.

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