Beginning the end of homelessness
Streets: beyond homeless statistics to homeless realities
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Creativity is a life force. It is often what keeps us alive. Creativity, and humor. Creativity, and humor, and chocolate. Creativity, and humor, and chocolate, and ...

Well, life needs a lot of stuff, but it all begins with creativity, because in the end, all the stuff has to get made by somebody.

Even the chocolate.

Streets is all about the creativity required to make your way out of the margins, to build a life of dignity and well-being, and a community where everyone has such a life. Streets goes beyond homeless statistics to the heart of homelessness, beyond that to the human heart that is capable of creating a world of social justice where no one is homeless.

Streets is edited by me, Anitra L. Freeman, and I've written most of the contents, but that's just because I'm more manic than any of my friends. I've also been told I "geek" homelessness: homeless statistics, causes of homelessness, history, activist alerts: I'm a community resource.


I also publish contributions from members of my writing workshop StreetWrites, from street newspapers, and others. Please send any writing you would like to contribute to

Current features:

The StreetWrites Archives
Seven years of writing from Seattle's workshop for homeless and low-income writers is now posted here. Well, not all of it. But 140 pages of it.
Soft Science
Our own Dr. Wes Browning discusses Ace Backwords discussing Surviving on the Streets and the people who have to. Our math professor takes issue with Ace's homeless statistics, medical theories, and a few other things, but enjoys his personal stories and practical advice.
National Memorial Day for Homeless People
And a special memorial for our recently lost friend Jonna Taylor.
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In this 'zine, homelessness is covered from both experience and research, with both homeless statistics and art from the heart, which often communicates reality better than statistics.
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